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Our world has changed. Over the past 50 years, we have become too dependent on what packaging tells us to eat. Why not just eat what the earth has always given us? After a long road of travel, eating, cooking, and growing with people around the world, Green Thumb Houses was an idea born of the need to help people provide for themselves.


Rice Grower in Vietnam


We are based in Florida. Our Owner Gabriel worked as a cook seeing people from all walks of life. All over the world the packaged and processed food is taking over and becoming what is expected. Only a few realize the need for locally grown plants and vegetables. If you look around the world at all the chemicals and pesticides used in our food you will see the need for people to grow their own food. Green Thumb houses is for these people.


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We started out as growers ourselves who wanted to make a difference in our community, and hoping that in Florida we could grow our own food. Luckily, a lot of others had the same plan as well, so we veered towards trying to help others do the same. We started out as an informal group helping set up farmers markets in some smaller areas where people could connect with and buy from local farmers and food producers. Now, however, we wanted to grow towards a larger audience and help anyone in the US get a greenhouse and grow their own food and plants all year round!   


Julia-Our Local Baker


With the internet, anything is truly possible now. You can get online and find out how to grow any  plant you would like to, and with this available now, why wouldn’t we? I find that growing the basics are easy enough for most people, so why don’t we do so more often? Peppers, onions, squash, and herbs are just a few of the easier grown items to start growing yourself, and you can follow us on Facebook for links and ideas for easy growing techniques and growing.

We want to empower you to empower yourself. At Green Thumb Houses, we strive to provide the best options for greenhouses on the market so you can start growing your own plants and food. You don’t need to look any further to start the transformation into sustainable living. Let’s get motivated to change for the better and help our families and communities be stronger together by growing our food as locally and sustainably as possible.


Grow Your Own  A Greenhouse to call Home


We are based in Tampa, Florida, with offices nationwide. We distribute nationwide via FedEx, UPS, and First Class Priority Mail.

We have been operating since 2016 and we have managed to build up a reputable establishment online. We have a great team and aim to grow our business more and more, offering our customers the best greenhouses available.

If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.